Pink USB Rechargeable Sucking, Licking & Vibrating Stimulator

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Our bunny is one Hunni of a hare. Hunni features vibrating ears, a suction mouth, and a flickering tongue. 15 Variable Functions in all. Hunni is 100% Medical Grade Silicone and is fully submersible. Hunni measures in at 12 cm high and app. 5 cm wide. All our rechargeable products includes our 1-Year Replacement Warranty. USB Magnetic Charger Cable included. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: Press and hold POWER BUTTON for 3 seconds to turn unit on and off. Press Power Button to select level. CHARGING INFORMATION: – Charging the product to a full charge is recommended before use. – To charge this product, attach the charging cable onto the magnetic port. – When your toy Is fully charged, the power button lights will become solid. If the lights are flashing, this mean the product is not fully charged. – Only use USB cable that is included with the product. – For best results, do not charge for extended periods of time. Recommended max charging time is 3 hours.