Red USB Rechargeable Vibrating Egg with Wireless Remote

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Shortcake is no longer just a dessert. The ingredients in this Shortcake recipe contain 20 powerful vibrating functions, wireless remote control, pushbutton operation, along with a strawberry colored Silicone coating on the egg. Shortcake is rechargeable through any USB Port and can be fully recharged in just 80 minutes for a up to a full hour of dessert play. Our secret ingredient in this Shortcake is the IPX7 waterproof rating (bullet) means you can take your Shortcake with you on your wet travels. Shortcake measures app. 6.3 cm long and is 2.5 cm across. Includes a USB Charging Cable. All of our rechargeable products include our 1-YEAR Replacement Warranty. FEATURES: – 20-Function Bullet / Egg Vibrator – Wireless Remote Control – Push Button Operation – IPX7 Waterproof Rating – 100% Medical Grade Silicone Coated Bullet – Remote Operation to 5 metres – Charger Cable Included – 80 min. charge – 60 min. run time – 1-YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: Press and hold POWER BUTTON for 3 seconds to turn unit on and off. Press Control Buttons to select levels. CHARGING INFORMATION: WARNING! DO NOT PULL BACK THE SILICONE TO REVEAL THE CHARGING PORT Charging the Egg: – Insert the charging cable into the silicone charging port. The charging port is located on the top side of the toy, below the crown (dc sign) – Puncture the toy/ silicone charging port with the charging cable, and the cable will fit snug into place. – When your toy Is fully charged, the power button lights will become solid. Charging the Remote: – Insert the smaller charging cable into the charging port located at the bottom of the remote control. – When your toy Is fully charged, the power button lights will become solid.