Numb AF – Strawberry


Strawberry Flavoured Anal Numbing Cream – 44 ml Tube

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Numb AF will make your anal experience more pleasurable. Numb AF is a strawberry flavoured anal-numbing cream. The formulation relaxes the muscles and numbs the nerves for greater comfort during anal play. Safe to use with toys as you build up to the anal experience you desire. Apply a dime size gel to the anal opening and wait 3-5 minutes before engaging in anal play. Reapply as needed. Numb AF helps to take the anxiety out of anal play so you can focus on the pleasure of the experience. Please note that Numb AF is not a lubricant and should be used with your preferred personal lubricant. Numb AF has six delicious flavours: Cherry, Unflavored, Mint, Cupcake, Blue Raspberry and Strawberry. Each 44 ml tube comes with a convenient mess-free screw cap.

Numb AF – Strawberry made by Little Genie.

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