Sex & Mischief Brat Faux Fur Flogger


Black 50 cm Whip with Pink Faux Feather

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Punish your bratty partner with playful and intense impact using the Brat Faux Fur Flogger! Experience all new sensations with the soft and sensual vegan fur falls accompanied with vegan leather rose gold falls to leave a satisfying smack with every strike. Tickle and tease them with gentle brushes and make them crave submission with a hearty smack. Features: – Captivating Rose Gold Handle and Vegan Leather Falls – Exceptionally Soft Black Faux Fur Falls – 33 cm Vegan Leather Falls and 27 cm Faux Fur Falls Material: Polyester / PU Leather / Polypropylene / Iron Alloy Colour: Black/Pink Length: 49.5 cm Diameter: 3.8 cm