VERS Liquid Silicone Steel Motion C-Ring


Black Cock Ring with Steel Motion Balls

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The VERS liquid silicone cock ring is a game-changer for men who want to enhance their sexual performance. Made with 3 times the stretch liquid silicone, it provides a snug fit around your shaft, boosting your erection and enhancing your pleasure. The ring also features 5 steel motion balls in chambers that bounce with every move, providing added stimulation and increasing your sensitivity. With the VERS cock ring, you can experience prolonged orgasms and better stamina, giving you and your partner a more satisfying sexual experience. The ring has an outer diameter of 6.6 cm and an inner diameter of 2.8 cm, making it suitable for most men. It is safe to use with all lubricants and easy to clean, making it a low-maintenance addition to your sex life. Invest in the VERS liquid silicone cock ring today and take your sexual performance to the next level!


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