Anal Adventures Platinum Vibra Plug – Black


Anal Adventures Platinum Vibra Plug – Black 8.9 cm Butt Plug with Internal Weight

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Anal Adventures Platinum Vibra Plug – Black – The Vibra Plug’s inner weight rolls with your movement to stimulate muscles and add sensation!

The Ultrasilk T Silicone, with its silky smooth feel, warms with your body heat beautifully.

Your motions propel a ball bearing inside this smooth silicone with a comfortable anchor base plug perfect for adding new sensations during anal play.

This plug has a 8.9 cmh length (7.6 cm insertable) and a 4.4 cm width.

Made with body-safe silicone, this plug contains no phthalates, paraffins, or latex.

– 8.9 cm Length (7.6 cm Insertable) x 4.4 cm Width

– Emits Vibrations via Movement of an Inner Bearing

– Tapered Design for Easy Insertion, Slim Anchor Base for Comfort

– Does Not Require Batteries

– Made from Satin Smooth, Body Safe Silicone.

Contains no Fragrances, Phthalates, Paraffins or Latex.


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