Maia Piper


USB Rechargeable Heating & Vibrating Masturbator

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Get real with the Maia Toys Piper Multi-Function Masturbator. Made from 100% medical grade silicone and high quality ABS plastic, Piper offers 15-Vibration and Suction settings. Piper heats up to provide warming sensations to your stroking session. – USB Rechargeable – Suction, Warming, and Vibration – 100% Medical Silicone – 15-Vibration and Suction Settings – Heats Up To Provide Warming – User Time: Up to 3 Hours – 100% Waterproof Instructions for Use: 3 buttons from top to bottom First button is A – Suction Mode Press and hold till light appears to turn on. This will allow it’s functions of suction. Press button repeatedly to desired function. Press and hold 3 seconds to turn off. Middle button B – Heating Mode Press and hold 3 seconds to turn on. Will allow 3 modes of heating. Press until light turns off to stop heating. C Button – Vibration Mode Press and hold 3 seconds until light and vibration turn on. Allow for 15 functions of vibration. Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn off vibration mode. All 3 functions can work independently. To charge – charging cord is inserted at the bottom of the product.


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